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How Do I Serve?

AmeriCorps is often referred to as a "domestic" Peace Corps. Thousands of Americans across the country are "Getting Things Done" by helping communities meet their needs through service. 

CORE Susquehanna AmeriCorps members serve in Pennsylvania's heartland, which includes several Central PA counties.

  • Members serve at community partner sites to support a specific need identified by the site

  • Members are assigned to a "service team" made up of other CORE Susquehanna AmeriCorps members. Each service team completes a project that will address a specific community need. This project is separate and in addition to the members' main service site responsibilities.

  • Members are required to complete five CORE Susquehanna AmeriCorps group service projects throughout the year.

Who Can Apply?

  • Citizens or legal residents of the U.S.

  • Anyone at least 17 years of age

  • Any high school graduate or anyone willing to enroll in GED

Terms of Service

  • Full Time = 1700 hours (35 hours/week for approx. 51 weeks)

  • Reduced Part Time = 450 hours (40 hours/week for approx. 11 weeks)

What Benefits Do I Receive?

  • Living stipend (amount varies based on term)

  • Education Award upon successful completion of the agreed upon term

  • Health Insurance

  • Childcare assistance (if qualified)

  • Forbearance on active student loans (includes interest accrued while serving)

  • Flexible service schedules (students and employed are welcome to apply)

  • Professional skill-building opportunities

"Americorps gives its volunteers of all ages an opportunity to work at a challenging job that provides support from both the Non-Profit where you serve and from AmeriCorps’ staff, so you can branch out and do things you didn’t know you could do, #NoFear!"

Barb Gimino, 2016-2018

"Serving with CORE Susquehanna AmeriCorps has been a life-changing opportunity to aid with the greatest needs of our local communities." 

Katelyn Williams, 2017-2018

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