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Important Reminders from Jess

Hi everyone! Remember to check back here frequently, as I'll be posting important reminders about upcoming convenings, due dates, and extra service hour opportunities.

Monthly Convenings:

  • 11/16/23 Convening/ USCAA- United Way Training

  • 12/14/23 Convening

  • 01/16/24 Service Project/ Community Harvest

  • Due Dates:

    • Remember to be submitting Reflection Sheets/ due the 5th of every month.

    • Data Collection due the 5th of every month

      • Timesheets:

        • Please remember to fill out your timesheet. Click here for the link. 

Member Forms

Bucknell University-Food Access Coordinator Data Collection

Bucknell University-Food Engagement Coordinator Data Collection

DIG Furniture Bank Data Collection

Snyder County Library -Volunteer Coordinator Data Collection

Snyder County Library -Educator Data Collection

Lewisburg YMCA - Sports & Rec Data Collection

AmeriCorps Member Handbook, 2023-2024

Off-Site Verification Form

Prohibited Activities

Hours Plan

Lewisburg YMCA - Youth Assistant Data Collection

Chesapeake Conservancy Data Collection

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