Dennis Huratiak

CORE Susquehanna Program Director

(570) 374-0181

713 Bridge Street, Selinsgrove, PA 17870

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Lacy Kreider

CORE Susquehanna Member Coordinator

Important Reminders from Lacy

Hi everyone! Remember to check back here frequently, as I'll be posting important reminders about upcoming convenings, due dates, and extra service hour opportunities.

  • Next Convening: 3/12/2020 meeting at the AmeriCorps office at 7:30 am. 

  • Due Date:

    • February reflection Sheets are due no later than 3/1/20

    • 3rd quarter Accomplishment Reports will be due 5/8/20

    • Updated Hours Plan due 5/8/20

  • Extra Service Hour Opportunities: 

    • TBA 

  • Timesheets:

    • Please remember to fill out your timesheet. Click here for the link. 

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