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Become a Partner Site

Site Requirements

AmeriCorps is often referred to as a "domestic" Peace Corps. Thousands of Americans across the country are "Getting Things Done" by helping communities meet their needs through service. CORE Susquehanna AmeriCorps members serve in Pennsylvania's heartland, which includes several Central PA counties.

To become a Partner Site with CORE Susquehanna, the site must be...​

  • A government-related organization/entity (i.e. public school, state-run college or university, governmental agency, OR

  • A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (i.e. child care facility, community/recreation center, human/social service agency, health care organization/agency)

Position Requirements

To be considered, Partner Sites must submit a formal position description that meets the following guidelines:

  • The position did not previously exist

  • The position has measurable objectives

  • The position has a set term of service

  • The position provides direct service at your site

Terms of Service

  • Full Time = 1700 hours (35 hours/week for approx. 51 weeks)

  • Half Time = 900 hours

  • Reduced Part Time = 450 hours (40 hours/week for approx. 11 weeks)

Partner Site Contribution & In-Kind Match

Partner Sites are required to make a financial investment in their member(s), depending on the term of service. Federal monies cannot be used in site contribution.​

Partner Sites must also meet a standard of in-kind match, depending on their member(s) term of service. This is separate from the financial contribution.

For more information on financial and in-kind match requirements, please contact Jess Krispin, Program Director, at

Member Selection Process

  • All members receive a screening interview

  • Members will view and select several position descriptions to be considered for an interview

  • After initial screening interview with CORE Susquehanna, member will contact site directly to schedule an interview by the identified site supervisor

  • After the interview process is complete with all potential members, site will select the most appropriate member for their open position

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